furry mammalian goodnes all over the place

3.31: final four
G. Trudeau's Picks
guess that early retirement's out 'da window...
ourowndamnselves picked AZ, Mich St, Duke & N.C.,
w/final betw AZ & Duke,
but our heart with Coach Williams & the Terps

backround from the local fishwrap
Feinstein on the Final 4, from the Washington Post
final 4 from Quokka Sports
final 4 from Fans Only
some miscellaneous hoops related linkage:
Inside Hoops
Sportstalk's NBA talk
(be sure to look for Kelly Dwyer's column there)
Basketball Writers Assoc.
Assoc for Pro Basketball Research
& no, we not apologizing for our singular focus today...

here's Johnny!
3.30: once again, the fez's off to J. Carroll
ruminations on the class war
~ ~ ~
Oh My! the possibilities!
check out springtime specials from SFO
& for other departure cities,
check the Air France USA site
~ ~ ~
late-breaking Friday Follyish!
Just in time for Easter Festivities!
hie thyselves here & dress up the saviour...
tippin' da ol'red fez to esteemed co-worker Eric L
for the timely heads-up on dressin' the jesus-dude...

~ ~ ~
damn happy Friday finally here...
hey, why don't some of us get together & go bowling sometime?
in the meantimes, here's some stuff, dumb & otherwise:
New Nation News
small male babies not marriage material
Genie in a Bottle
sorry, just cannot help ourselves re this
next week (we promise) we talk some hoops, some post academy award
movie bullshit, some travel tips, some recipes, maybe even a different look
for the month of Abril...

Have yourselves a great weekend!
& we wuz serious about that bowling proposition...

3.29: more, in the spirit of springtime...
the Art of Kissing
w/a tip o'the ol'red fez to Rachel J
~ ~ ~
s l o w down my beating heart...
ohhhh, it's one of those mornings, so damn beautiful, we've taken the bus
as opposed to BART, so the ride across the Bay Bridge as dawn asserts itself
is reminder again of spring's presence. Those who know us have been aware of the
the funk we've been in of late: moron in the whitehouse; rapacious energy marketers;
the cruelty that teems in the world; a personal symphony of heartache...
sometimes am so tired of living in this skin, seeing things through these weary eyes
our melancholy nature getting the best of us at times...
ohhh, but this morning, the silverbacked beast's allowing hisowndamnself
to enjoy the feeling of renewal, to envision the possiblity of hope,
some cessation of despair (however temporary), personal & otherwise,
we wish you the best of days...

3.28: our Grams made a killer rice-pudding...
more foodie related linkage:
visit the Dreyer's site for info on
Traditions in the Kitchen Contest
direct entry here
~ ~ ~
YoW! Beer, Oysters & More!
the 2nd Annual O'Reilly's Beer & Oyster Fest:
~ ~ ~
the SFIFF is coming!
'da early word from the Chron;
San Francisco Film Society site
~ ~ ~
mid-week melange of miscellanea
may require more than the usual investment of minutes:
from where it came, we cannot recall:
Life & Death Magazine ;
& these, jessferdahalibut...
tag lines;
On The Great Highway,
from Cardinal Books;
Documenting the American South.
th...tha....th...that...that's all folks!

3.27: ...but Tuesday's just as bad,
& in keepin' w/the pissy mood in general...
Deathwatch, from Downside;
powermarketers.com, from CUEA;
on Social Security; can you say privatization;
el presidente & social security
ohh shit! NuclearFiles.org;
& we wuz feelink so good on sunday...
now we go & zen out here
oh oh... didn't work? not enough? okay, maybe try goin' here

ahhhh, it's time for another road trip to the Big Sur...
3.25: springtime sunday smorgasbord...
First, some good news;
followed up w/news of a more negative nature;
(got to keep an eye on that fool in the whitehouse...)
so long Charles, who inspired us with his cluelessness;
okayokayokay, so you got this great tv set;
you're still watching crap, aren't you...
some entertaining diversion at the NYT mag:
's alright, nice spring day out 'dere, gonna give the ol' poochster a bath
& accomplish a few outdoor chores, but 'fore we go,
here's a couple of nuggets of linky goodness:
turn off your mind, relax, and float downstream;
& lastly, this chucky luv quote:
we should take every fall for love. Even knowing the pain is coming.
That every chance we take for love expands us and opens us up for future love.
That the more we love, the more love we will find in the hands of someone who is
capable of returning and cherishing it. The more we honor the love, work through the pain,
the more possible it is for us to channel that love to others..and to the community.
Hurt is necessary.

discovered whilst perusing the lovely Rhonda K's journal

3.23: a day that truly lives in infamy...
1942 -- Let us remember--
On this day in 1942 the US Government began removing Americans from their homes
without benefit of trial, indictment or any other legal anachronisms,
& forced them into detention centers hundreds of miles away, in the middle of the desert.
These US citizens were effectively stripped of all possessions & belongings
other than those they could carry, were forced to sell or forfeit their businesses & careers,
& were stripped of all the Constitutional rights they had been guaranteed at birth.
*Despite* this fact, the young men in many of these families marched off to war,
to fight & die for the very Government which was imprisoning their families.

The crime of which these American citizens were guilty?
Japanese ancestry.

the internment
linkage re the Internment

3.22: izzat wha' dis ol' silverback
has to look forward to?

Picasso's Carnal Carnival
the voyeurism of old age...
worth a trip to Paris, wanna join us?
Oh! for good measure (yesssss, dumbmonkey's a generous bastid)
this Picasso link we posted earlier this month...

~ ~ ~
another top 100 list
this of non-fiction books translated into english
from Counterpunch
& whilst we're in a literary frame of mind,
some Jack London
and we'll point you to the source of that,
Berkeley Digital Library
~ ~ ~
ahhhh.... crap...
literary schmiterary...

howzabout some bad hemingway?
~ ~ ~
Divine Reticence
an interview w/Karen Armstrong,
from The Atlantic on-line
~ ~ ~
toys, slick & shiny...
watching the tube late last nite & caught a glimpse of
the 2001 Detroit Auto Show...

someone's pics here; some more; & more here
sorry, no, not done yet; more;
okay, 'dat's enough. the official site

3.21: enlightening, edifying
& eternally entertaining...
ethel the blog

many of you already familiar w/S. Baum & Ethel, this is largely for those who
stray into dumbmonkey territory seeking those naked pictures of Britney, et al...
a personal thanks to S.B. for pointing us to Jerk City...

~ ~ ~
rules?, we don' need no steekin' rules
according to Esquire Mag, the rules
~ ~ ~
in memory of Sitting Bull
courtesy the daily bleed
& in re the Battle of the Little Big Horn:
painting by Kicking Bear
Battle of the Little Big Horn
some historical perspective
more historical perspective
an eyewitness account
lastly, a few photographs
(the daily bleed may have the anniversary date incorrect by a few months...)

3.20: psssssst, spring has sprung
s p r i n g
more by mr. Cummings
the pure pleasure of more Cummings
~ ~ ~
Why Frank Harris?
well, why not?
~ ~ ~
17th century images from De Montris
and an invitation to re-aquaint yourself w/rotten.com
tread carefully here, especially if surfing whilst on the j-o-b...
~ ~ ~
our momz always told us it's better to share:
some Hot A.I.R.

3.19:   happy b-day Richard Francis Burton
Arabian Nights, anyone?
something else from theArabian Nights
no slouch he; literary works by R.F. Burton
More Burton on the web
hardly all-inclusive, just a few links to get you started...
~ ~ ~
& in the spirit of exploration

~ ~ ~
kind folks at Backup Brain pointed out we crashing their browser
so we applied quick fix & hope it works. This actually brought to our
attention by K.C. Pat in nice letter he wrote us,
but that we have yet to acknowledge...
mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa...
am thankful there so many forgiving folks in 'da world...
so for all of you this AM, (fuckkkin monday...)we offer up:
on-line Picasso Project
ohhyeah, 'dis will really drive 'em crazy...

3.18:   sumkinda Sunday smorgasbord...
~ ~ ~
this just crossed our synapses:
John Phillips, dead at 65
& in memorium, something from 11.06.00

~ ~ ~
Tattoo \Tat*too"\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Tattooed}; p. pr. & vb.
n. {Tattooing}.] [Of Polynesian origin; cf. New Zealand ta to
tattoo, tatu puncturation (in Otaheite).]
To color, as the flesh, by pricking in coloring matter, so
as to form marks or figures which can not be washed out.

femininity enhanced...
~ ~ ~
foggy morn in the neighborhood, & we spendin' our day tending to various chores & errands,
(ohohoh, but some of youse maybe lucky enough to spend yr morn exploring the warmfuzzy & doing
the horizontal bop or some variation thereof so we posting this link for your inspiration & edification..:)
be catching some tourney action on the tube & posting miscellanea here thruout the day...
so here, initially, for our fellow hoopsters & tourney-junkies, O'Connor puts fear into Stanfoo,
along w/a couple of local angles, this from R. Ratto, this from J. Curtis.
okay, time to go hang some laundry out, we leave you w/ this eco-related reminder...
Later, on, babee...
~ ~ ~
100 Best Album Covers?
who sez? Q sez, dat's who; Who is Q?
frickin' buncha limeys, whaddadeyknow,
where's 'da Rob Zombie covers, datz whut I wanna know...

~ ~ ~
 not only is he a moron,
he's a dangerous moron...

some (yah, we know, almos' obligatory) linkage from the N.Y.T.:
bastids, everyone of them;
more greedy, rapacious, bastid pals o' georgie;
& good to know there'll be witnesses to the carnage...
the moron observed
GB2: 1st Hundred Days
& oh, too right! it figures,
muchas gracias a Backup Brain

3.17:   vicariously exploring the Congo
courtesy the fine folks at National Geographic, an excerpt from the March issue
(excerpted Pt 1 is here); some information re the CNBC cable broadcast here and here;
related Nat'l Geo news item. An astute perusal will reveal other links of interest as well...
brief aside here, during the ol' silverback's tenure as manager of Berkeley's finest
video emporium, Michael Nichols and his family were regular visitors during the few years
he was based out of N. Cal. A fine gentleman, with great stories to relate of his many
adventures as National Geographic photographer (truly a dream job, & not an easy one,
not by any means) so we'll include a couple of links featuring Nick Nichols work

the "Indiana Jones" of photography;
"field notes" re the Megatransect trip
Tiger Time
& if you can locate a copy of the March 1991 issue of National Geographic,
you'll find some wonderful photographs taken by Nick Nichols of the Lechuguilla Cave
in New Mexico, & for good measure, we'll include this lovely link (altho am pretty sure
these not N. Nichols pics, they're pretty nice ones nevertheless) on the Lechugilla cave
~ ~ ~
we indebted to the fine mind at wood s lot
for pointing us in this direction recently...

3.16: tippin' the ol'red fez to sysadmins everywhere
in tribute to fave pal o'mine, who's spent the majority of her week back from way-too-brief
holiday bustin' her ass (ooooohhh, and a lovely & callipygian marvel of a backside it is too...)
over an incredibly recalcitrant piece of crap hdwe & related MS shitware issues,
certainly underpaid, overworked & unappreciated by the majority of idiot (l)users
she has to put up with & on top of all that, a company that hasn't a clue of her true worth.
fuckin' sound familiar???? Yah, likely be a few other folk in the same leaky boat...
so, for all of youse in a similiar situation, or maybe someone you know, or work with
& possibly care for, well, send a little note of appreciation and include this goodie here,
maybe bring a smile to their face and make the day's trials & tribs a little easier
~ ~ ~
hey, it's Friday Fetish Follies!
stiletto heels
history of high heels
more high heels
jenny's high heel page
high heels & nylons
tribute to High Heels
no, you moron, we don't wear 'em,
but we certainly appreciate a well-shod woman in 'em...

perhaps we experience more follies as friday rolls on...

3.15:   okay, ya know how we feel 'bout SUV owners...
tippin' da ol'red fez (ahhhh dat felt good...) to
S. Baig & the IGN item we cadged 'dis from

~ ~ ~
Mo' Monkeee Biznezz
~ ~ ~
visit our good pal,
el vato... OOOPS, lobo loco,
& check out the yellow frame re damsel in distress...
she spent, ohhhhhhhh yaaaaahhhhh...

one of J.T. Thompson's fine products...3.14:   H O T S T U F F !
speaking for myowndamnself, we not all that fond of having our tastebuds fried,
charred, & otherwise permanently scarred but there are other family members
(like our esteemed hermanos, Ken & Dave) who cannot get enough of that
HOTTER THAN HOT STUFF (they particularly fond of anything w/that evil
(hey, so some links on "hotter than hot" went south, blame this guy for 'dat, okey!?)
habanero pepper as a major ingredient). We wuzout shoppink earlier, & stopped
by one of our fave tiendas, picked up some goodies including the item pictured.
If you've spent any time in the cookbook section of a quality bookstore you'll no
doubt have come across some of the efforts of Jennifer Trainer Thompson.
A few years back she co-authored something called the Yachting Cookbook &
that title was probably too elitist, so it's been reissued as Feasts Afloat, & it makes a
lovely gift, whether the person you give it to actually lives aboard a boat or not.
we'll include a coupla' miscellaneous hot links for ya:
firegirl.com; a great dinner menu; 1 man's opinion on hotstuff

~ ~ ~
oh, before dis dum'ass forgets...
In Memorium
Edward Abbey
~ ~ ~
he wants to be like Mike, again...
mo' on the Third Coming
yo! not so fast, sez #23

it has come to our attention (DOH!) that IE5/MAC users have
had this dumbmonkey's page crash system & require rebooting...
aghhhhhhh, we hatez dat...
so until further oppty to play w/layout
(yah, that definitely not our metier)
we offer these up plain & simple....

no memes, all of the time...

More Monas!
More about the Monas!
~ ~ ~

some media alternatives:
pigdog journal
bad subjects
~ ~ ~
& jessferdahalibut (YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!)
for those of you who relied on CliffsNotes
Great Lit On-line
who luvs ya babeee? why, the dumbmonkey, dat's who...
~ ~ ~
and then, some notable folk out there:
(take your time and enjoy the visit...)
8 facts
3 bruces
no surrender
scherzi & sospiri
le marquis' intimate diary

~ ~ ~
Who wants to take the Porno Quiz?????
the quiz is here, & you'll find
the answers at the bottom of this page
no cheating now, or you'll disappoint us...

last year's monkey-biz
be sure to visit un vato muy loco, El Lobo Loco
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drop the ol' silverback a line
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